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Brown sauce Pork Chops w/ Potato leafs.

HELLO! It has been long since I posted here! So hope there are still people reading here! I’ve been cooking but haven’t been able to post the things I cooked here. So without further ado let me introduce today’s menu: … Continue reading

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Two course dinner!

HELLO! I know I’m suppose to be mugging my exams, but I just cooked myself some really wonderful dinner and I decided to share it here! Hahaha. For the sake of delicious food eh? *raise eyebrows* SO! What’s so special … Continue reading

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Hello readers! (I doubt any, but) I’ll be quite busy with my exams and revisions before exam so the likelihood of my cooking or posting here would be likely lesser. But don’t worry. When my exam ends, I will cook … Continue reading

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Haha. As you all might be wondering, why thank God it’s Friday? There are many reasons of why I came up with this name: Firstly, I am a student so I am pretty busy during weekdays and therefore I put … Continue reading

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Beer Braised Beef!

Hahaha. I know today is not Friday. But hahaha! I cooked Beer braised beef today 😀 Okay, so what is the rationale behind cooking this. It wasn’t actually just random, it is because my mum had this sample of Tiger … Continue reading

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