Haha. As you all might be wondering, why thank God it’s Friday? There are many reasons of why I came up with this name: Firstly, I am a student so I am pretty busy during weekdays and therefore I put my cooking days at Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Secondly, I am Christian therefore I thank God that it is weekend again and I can cook nice and yummy food/dessert for my family. Thirdly, I just love weekends. AND I BETCHA LOVE IT TOO RIGHT! Haha.

Okay, so this should be my first post. WELCOME TO MY BLOG! Haha. This blog will be mainly focused on me cooking nice and yummy food/desserts. If you are interested in what I normally do without cooking inside please feel free to go to my personal blog as linked at the blog roll. So thank you, anyone that is out there reading this blog. STAY TUNED and thank God it’s Sunday!

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