Beer Braised Beef!

Hahaha. I know today is not Friday. But hahaha! I cooked Beer braised beef today 😀 Okay, so what is the rationale behind cooking this. It wasn’t actually just random, it is because my mum had this sample of Tiger Beer beer at home for her work. Then since she does not need it anymore, we decided to take the beer and make beer braised beef because we don’t really want to drink it. So the making of beer braised beef is actually quite easy, have fun making it 😀

800ml of Beer (Tiger Beer, Heineken or any beer you prefer. I used Tiger Beer)

1 Whole Large Onion, sliced

5 Carrots, cut into pieces (I used 5 short carrots)

5 Potatoes, cut in pieces (I used 5 small round potatoes)

2 Packets of Beef cubes, approx. 500gm. (I bought the already cut into cubes packet from Sheng Siong)

Special Ingredient:
3 Bay Leafs, washed. (I bought them from those wet market dry goods stall, alternatively you can buy from cold storage too)

1. Coat the beef with a thin layer of flour. It can make the beef much more tender when cooking.
2. Cut the carrots, potatoes into cube or length wise. (I like to eat the potatoes and carrot so I would cut them in large cubes)
3. Slice the onions lengthwise.

1. Cook the beef with oil (for better smell and taste can use butter instead)

2. Turn the sides when one side is brown. Because they are in cubes so it is relatively quite easy as you just need to flip them six times.
3. Take them out when all sides are brown. You need not to cook them until they are totally cooked cause you will cook them in the beer later.
4. When you take out all the beef, add a little teaspoon of oil and fry the onions.

5. Cook until the onion is semi transparent and soft.
6. Add the carrots and potatoes and bay leafs.

5. Fry them and mix around. (As there will be water and juices coming out from the carrots and potatoes, try to let the bay leafs get in contact with the juice)
6. After much mixing, you can add in the fried beef cubes in. Don’t worry about the vegetables because they will be slowly soften and cooked in the stew later on.

7. When the beef is much mingled around the vegetables, start to pour the beer in.

8. Let the beef come into contact with the beer. The beer will tenderize the beef and make it soft and nice.
9. Then add around 1/4 bottle of ketchup.

(If you don’t want the beer smell to be so strong, you can add more. But it will taste more like a tomato soup)

10. Mix well and add a teaspoon of salt. Cover and boil over small fire for around two hours.

After two hours, serve with rice or just eat it like a stew it will both be nice 😀

Hahaha, okay that is about everything you need to know about cooking beer braised beef. Happy Cooking.
P/s. The pot I used is a flat pot and it is around 12inches in diameters

(UPDATE!) The whole pot lasted around two days for us three, we ate it for dinner, and breakfast, and dinner again.

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