Brown sauce Pork Chops w/ Potato leafs.

HELLO! It has been long since I posted here! So hope there are still people reading here! I’ve been cooking but haven’t been able to post the things I cooked here. So without further ado let me introduce today’s menu: Brown sauce pork chops with stir-fried potato leafs. Okay, they may sound weird together but trust me it’s pretty tasty for the Western-style dish going together with Chinese-style dish.



Stir-fried potato leafs

1 bunch of potato leafs

1 clove of garlic, minced. (There’s some leaf from the chopping board so there’s some green stuff in it)

AND THAT’S ABOUT IT! Just two ingredients. But if you like you can actually add dried shrimps, it would taste equally great too.

4 pieces of mid-size pork chops. (around 100g each)

PRE-SEASONED overnight with:
Dash of pepper
Hsiao-Hsing cooking wine (Moderate amount)
Light soya sauce (Moderate amount)
One tablespoon of corn flour
One egg.


4pieces of Portobello mushroom (each around 5-8cm wide), sliced

1 whole yellow onion, half sliced half diced.




Stir-fried potato leafs
It’s actually very easy.
1. Add oil to saucepan
2. Wait for the oil to heat and then add minced garlic

3. When garlic turn brown or going to turn brown
4. Add potato leafs

5. Sprinkle a dash of salt
6. Cover for 2 minutes
7.Take it out.


Sauce making:
1. Add a thin slice of butter to saucepan
2. Wait for butter to melt, and add diced onion.

3. Saute the onions, wait for it to brown (it brows very fast so watch out!)
4. Add portobello mushroom into saucepan


5. Stir-fry it.
6. Add a mixture of soya sauce paste + 4tablespoon of water +1 tablespoon of Corn flour
7. Mix and add more sauce when it starts to sizzle.
8. Take it out, this will be the brown sauce for the pork chops.

Pork chops:
1. Add butter to the saucepan again.
2. Wait for the butter to melt, and add sliced onion.

3. As it begins to brown, make it lay and spread evenly on the saucepan.
4. Carefully put pork chops on top of the laid onions.

5. As you add all the pork chops in, immediately pour the hot brown sauce on it.

6. Cover the saucepan as soon as you add in the sauce.
7. Cover for 2minutes, turn sides.
8. Cover for about 5minutes, turn sides again.
9. Make sure the pork chop is cooked before taking it out.


Bon Appetite! Happy Cooking (:

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Two course dinner!

HELLO! I know I’m suppose to be mugging my exams, but I just cooked myself some really wonderful dinner and I decided to share it here! Hahaha. For the sake of delicious food eh? *raise eyebrows* SO! What’s so special about today’s meal? It’s actually two common dish that you can find at some Chinese people’s dinner. But I just think, it’s so yummy 😀 Okay, so today’s two dish is: Spinach with wolfberry and dry mini prawns (I don’t really know it’s Chinese name, but it’s something like anchovies or ikan bilis) and Stir-fry pork with cucumber.


Dish One: Spinach with wolfberry and dry mini prawns

A handful of Woflberry (Right)
A handful of dried mini prawns (Left)
(You can buy both of them at those dry goods store)

A large packet of Spinach – around 300gm or more, cut into four parts.(Sorry I didn’t take a photo of my spinach!)
One whole small garlic, diced.

Dish Two: Stir-fry pork with cucumber

One long Japanese Cucumber, sliced half cut into thin slices)

Pork loin, Sliced and marinated with soya sauce, Shao-Hsing wine and pepper

(Ps. This picture of the pork is not marinated yet)

One whole small garlic, diced


-This part is mainly just for the wolfberry and mini dry prawns-

1. Soak the wolfberry in water, just barely covering over it for about three minutes or till they are softer (but not really soft)
2. Pour the water that soaked the wolfberry into a small bowl
3. Soak the mini dry prawns in water, also just barely covering over it for about five minutes. (Don’t worry if they don’t turn very soft)
4. Pour the water that soaked the dry prawns into the same small bowl.


Dish One:
1. Add a tablespoon of oil, when heated up throw in the garlic and fry it.
2. When the garlic turn brown, or darker. Add in the mini dry prawns. Fry with it.
3. When the dry prawns turn a little softer, add in spinach.
4. Pour in the juice from the preparation. Mix and stir-fry well.
5. When much juice is produced, throw in the wolfberry.
6. Stir-fry till the wolf berry turns soft and the spinach decrease in volume (as compared to when you just put in)
7. Add a dashing of salt. Mix well.
8. Put it into a plate.

Dish Two:
1. Add a tablespoon of oil, when heated up throw in the garlic and fry it.
2. When the garlic turn brown, or darker. Add in pork loin with the marinated sauce.
3. Fry them until the pork loin is half-cooked.
4. Add in cucumber and stir-fry them.
5. As the cucumber will have some juices/water coming out, let everything be stir-fried in the cucumber sauce.
6. Add in a little dashing of salt. Mix well.
7. Put it on a plate.

SO! That’s how it is mainly done. Okay, it is actually quite simple and it is very tasty (if you cook it well) You can eat it with rice, or porridge. Mainly rice would be nice. Okay so, I think that’s about it. Happy Cooking 😀

P/s. Sorry I never take those step by step photos for you all because a) I was home-alone very hard to take while I’m cooking b) I forgot to!

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Hello readers! (I doubt any, but) I’ll be quite busy with my exams and revisions before exam so the likelihood of my cooking or posting here would be likely lesser. But don’t worry. When my exam ends, I will cook up a feast to entertain myself and also satisfy your eyes on my delicious post. So! Stay tuned 🙂 Happy Cooking!

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Haha. As you all might be wondering, why thank God it’s Friday? There are many reasons of why I came up with this name: Firstly, I am a student so I am pretty busy during weekdays and therefore I put my cooking days at Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Secondly, I am Christian therefore I thank God that it is weekend again and I can cook nice and yummy food/dessert for my family. Thirdly, I just love weekends. AND I BETCHA LOVE IT TOO RIGHT! Haha.

Okay, so this should be my first post. WELCOME TO MY BLOG! Haha. This blog will be mainly focused on me cooking nice and yummy food/desserts. If you are interested in what I normally do without cooking inside please feel free to go to my personal blog as linked at the blog roll. So thank you, anyone that is out there reading this blog. STAY TUNED and thank God it’s Sunday!

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Beer Braised Beef!

Hahaha. I know today is not Friday. But hahaha! I cooked Beer braised beef today 😀 Okay, so what is the rationale behind cooking this. It wasn’t actually just random, it is because my mum had this sample of Tiger Beer beer at home for her work. Then since she does not need it anymore, we decided to take the beer and make beer braised beef because we don’t really want to drink it. So the making of beer braised beef is actually quite easy, have fun making it 😀

800ml of Beer (Tiger Beer, Heineken or any beer you prefer. I used Tiger Beer)

1 Whole Large Onion, sliced

5 Carrots, cut into pieces (I used 5 short carrots)

5 Potatoes, cut in pieces (I used 5 small round potatoes)

2 Packets of Beef cubes, approx. 500gm. (I bought the already cut into cubes packet from Sheng Siong)

Special Ingredient:
3 Bay Leafs, washed. (I bought them from those wet market dry goods stall, alternatively you can buy from cold storage too)

1. Coat the beef with a thin layer of flour. It can make the beef much more tender when cooking.
2. Cut the carrots, potatoes into cube or length wise. (I like to eat the potatoes and carrot so I would cut them in large cubes)
3. Slice the onions lengthwise.

1. Cook the beef with oil (for better smell and taste can use butter instead)

2. Turn the sides when one side is brown. Because they are in cubes so it is relatively quite easy as you just need to flip them six times.
3. Take them out when all sides are brown. You need not to cook them until they are totally cooked cause you will cook them in the beer later.
4. When you take out all the beef, add a little teaspoon of oil and fry the onions.

5. Cook until the onion is semi transparent and soft.
6. Add the carrots and potatoes and bay leafs.

5. Fry them and mix around. (As there will be water and juices coming out from the carrots and potatoes, try to let the bay leafs get in contact with the juice)
6. After much mixing, you can add in the fried beef cubes in. Don’t worry about the vegetables because they will be slowly soften and cooked in the stew later on.

7. When the beef is much mingled around the vegetables, start to pour the beer in.

8. Let the beef come into contact with the beer. The beer will tenderize the beef and make it soft and nice.
9. Then add around 1/4 bottle of ketchup.

(If you don’t want the beer smell to be so strong, you can add more. But it will taste more like a tomato soup)

10. Mix well and add a teaspoon of salt. Cover and boil over small fire for around two hours.

After two hours, serve with rice or just eat it like a stew it will both be nice 😀

Hahaha, okay that is about everything you need to know about cooking beer braised beef. Happy Cooking.
P/s. The pot I used is a flat pot and it is around 12inches in diameters

(UPDATE!) The whole pot lasted around two days for us three, we ate it for dinner, and breakfast, and dinner again.

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